Our wool is ethically sourced from the farmers of Albania.

We export globally and offer wool manufacturing companies coarse, carpet-grade wool with integrity and traceability.

Our Wool


Albanian sheep are plain bodied sheep and the blowfly Lucilia cuprina does not exist. These conditions make it unnecessary to perform mulesing which is why all our Albanian wool is mulesing-free.

High Animal Welfare

Our wool growers abide by the 5 freedoms of animal welfare and act in accordance with the IWTO Wool Sheep Welfare Specifications.


Our sheep graze on the natural pastures of the Albanian mountains, which are pure and untouched. This ensures that our wool is pesticide-free.

Extensive Farming

Albanian sheep live most of their life in pure freedom on the pastures of the Albanian mountains. We only bring them in for health check-ups and shearing a couple of times during the year. Albanian sheep do well in cold weather conditions, which is why they can stay out on the pastures all year round.

Small Scale Wool Growers

Our wool growers run family-owned farms that have been in the family for generations. The primary source of their income is from milk and meat. The average size of their flock is 300 sheep. This means that they know their sheep and take good care of them. 

Our Sheep


our resilient mountain wool sheep

This breed comes with a little bit of a mystery, as sheep breed experts are not in unison about how this breed developed. The Ruda sheep appear to have emerged out of several other breeds such as the Tsigai, Zackel, and Pramenka groups. We believe this healthy mix is what has made this sheep so strong and resilient, which is why we are such a fan of the Ruda. 

The Ruda is primarily raised for wool. It is well adapted to low temperatures and mountain grazing. Ruda wool is white or off-white. It has an average fibre diameter of 33 microns and a staple length of 8-10 cm.


our popular strong long hair sheep

The Bardoka is a popular breed in the western part of the Balkans, bordering the Adriatic Sea. 

Bardoka sheep are a multi-purpose sheep bred for milk, meat, and wool. Bardoka wool is off-white and has an average fiber diameter of 43 microns and a staple length of 15-20 cm.

This sheep can easily adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions, particularly to low temperatures. The only thing the Bardoka does not like is humidity.

Our Commitment

We believe it is our responsibility to strive for the highest ethical standards – for the sheep who provide the wool, the wool growers who tend to their flock, and the biodiversity of the land. 

  • High animal welfare
  • 100% mulesing-free
  • Livelihood for farmers
  • Pesticide-free

We will listen, learn, and continually improve, so we can exceed the expectations of every wool buyer and consumer and produce wool with integrity.

Our Story

In 2019, five entrepreneurial millennials got together and started… a wool trading company?

This is the short version of our story, but if you want to know a bit more…

About Flock Wool

Founded in 2019, Flock Wool Trading Company is an international wool export company headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, USA, with an operational HQ in southern Albania. We proudly bring quality Albanian wool to the carpet, rug, and insulation industry.

Why Albania? Why Wool?

Albania? Wool? What the Flock!?

When we tell our friends and family about our adventure at Flock Wool, we often get a stare in disbelief. Why Albania? Haven’t you seen Taken?? Why wool? You should invest in tech or an app!!

Well, we started Flock Wool because it is the right thing to do. The world needs more quality, sustainable businesses for all of us to have a future on a healthy planet. And we suspect that the wool industry is going to be around for a few more millenia, so it makes perfect sense for us to get invested in this beautiful industry.