Our Ethical Responsibility

Our core values are ethics, sustainability, and provenance.

We believe it is our responsibility to strive for the highest ethical standards – for the sheep who provide the wool, the wool growers who tend to their flock, and the biodiversity of the land. 

Albanian sheep roam around freely in a radically extensive grazing system across the rugged and natural Balkan landscape. They are loved and regularly cared for by their shepherds to ensure good health and welfare for the animals. And above all, mulesing is not and has never been practiced in Albania, which makes all Albanian wool naturally mulesing-free

We respect and strive toward the principles of the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). However, the RWS specifications weren’t designed for a small wool-producing country like Albania. Nevertheless, we have made it our goal to ensure high ethics, sustainability, and responsible stewardship in everything we do. This is the standard we hold. 

Our responsibility, however, is not only towards the welfare of the animals but also to the welfare of the wool growers whose livelihoods depend on the outputs their pastures provide. Since 1991, Albanian wool growers have not had access to the international wool market, meaning the wool went to waste and could not provide a steady source of income. Providing this access through Flock Wool will bring life-changing income to many rural Albanian communities

Last but not least, our word is just as good as the evidence we can provide. This is why provenance is also at the center of our business. We connect the sheep, the land, and the growers of Albania with the final wool product through full traceability and the story of Albanian wool.

We will listen, learn, and continually improve, so we can exceed the expectations of every wool buyer and consumer and produce wool with integrity.